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Beginning C Game Development with SDL 2 - video series

Posted on January 22, 2017 by Paul

This is an ongoing video series about beginning C game development with SDL 2 by our partner AtoZ Programming Tutorials. While the videos where recorded on Windows 10, everything should work the same on macOS and Linux as long as you use SDL 2 and a C99 compiler like GCC, Clang or Visual Studio 2015/2017.

Currently, the series presents how to setup SDL 2 on Windows using Visual Studio 2015 and Code::Blocks. Let us know in the comments section if you would like to have SDL 2 setup videos for macOS and Linux.

Setup SDL 2 with Visual Studio 2015

How to install GCC 5 with Code::Blocks 16 on Windows

Setup SDL 2 with Code::Blocks on Windows

Creating a window with SDL 2

Drawing points, lines and rectangles with SDL 2

Playing audio with SDL 2

Reading and using images with SDL 2

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