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Upgrading my MacBook Pro

Posted on November 23, 2011 by Paul

Recently I’ve noticed that my MacBook Pro 13” 2010 is slower than usual so I decided to reinstall a fresh version of Lion and to be more selective with the apps I install. After all who needs six text editors, two office applications and more of these kind. This happened to me because every time I read about an app that looks interesting I install it, use it for a few days and usually forget about it.

I’ve also considered buying more RAM and a faster SSD harddrive directly from Apple but the price has cooled my enthusiasm, better buy a new laptop or … I could buy the harddrive and memory and install them myself.

Finally, I bought 8GB of RAM and a 512 SSD HDD from Amazon and a set of precision screwdrivers from iFixit and I installed them myself.

After that I installed a fresh copy of Lion. Now my laptop boots in a matter of seconds and is way faster than before. I can run two virtual machines simultaneously and still do some work on my Mac. It feels like I have a new computer.

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