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Great book about C++11

Posted on October 7, 2011 by Sol

Since the approval of the C++11 standard I’ve waited for the second edition of Professional C++ by M. Gregoire, N. A. Solter, S. J. Kleper to be available. Even if today there is no compiler that supports the entire C++11 standard I can use this book to test various aspects of the language with different compilers. For e.g. on Windows Visual Studio 2010 supports the new regex and lambda constructs, but it has no support for thread. GNU gcc on the other hand has support for threads but it doesn’t support yet regexes, also the thread support works currently only on Linux. On a Mac computer you could use clang for C++11 threads and compile from source the last version of gcc to play with lambda, which currently is not supported by clang. In other words a programmer can learn today the new C++11 syntax by using a variety of tricks (compilers and operating systems). This will confer a great advantage in future for the one willing to make the effort to learn and understand the new concepts introduced by C++11.

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